Sunday, August 22, 2010


first...wanna noe my name??
i think it doesn't important right ?? :))im just a simple girl with one main point right now...
wanna noe my main point ?? simple ! to become a teacher !! hoho~
xtually not as simple as i thought but i can handle it...yeah ! i can do it !

4get about my point...
now about my everyday life..
sometimes very boring..but everytime it such a very exciting moment.
becoz i have my lovely family n caring bf ♥♥♥......;pi ♥♥♥ them damn damn much !! everyday my luv never down 4 them !

dis is my parents.. miss them soo much ! homesick ! huhu~
nxt time la i uplod pic my whole fmly ye...

now ! this is him ! my bOO...
♥ him with all my heart.
he is a very very very caring guy..
n he is a gud listener..
when i story my probs he never boring to hear. i luv that !
luv u !!

ps: thats all from me right now..xtually im not good in english..
so..ignore my broken eng ok ! hoho~
nxt time..wanna write in malay jela.. sje gedik je ney..♥♥♥

♥chee rajin2 baca hok neh♥